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Dumfries and Galloway Council

Question: How would you ensure that puipils stay in schools longer??

Asked by murron to Alastair, Elaine, Sandra, Ted on 30 Sep 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Elaine MurrayElaine Murray answered on 29 Sep 2010:

    The Education Maintenance Allowance was intended to help people whose families were on lower income stay on at school but unfortunately this has been cut back. We should also consider whether staying on at in edcuation could be made more attractive, can we provide more opportunities for vocational education working with the further education colleges for example. The curriculum for excellence was intended to make education more interesting and relevant to the skills pupils need to develop but there have been some problems with its introduction


  • Photo: Sandra McDowallSandra McDowall answered on 29 Sep 2010:

    Learning should be so enjoyable that the pupils don’t want to leave!


  • Photo: Alastair WittsAlastair Witts answered on 30 Sep 2010:

    There is the EMA scheme, which must help. We also think that the Curriculum for Excelleence will make school more interesting and relevant for pupils and so encourage them to stay on.