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Dumfries and Galloway Council

Question: jesus Ted never said alot did he!!!!!!!!

Asked by bigtattiemunchermunchycrunch to Alastair, Elaine, Sandra on 29 Sep 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Elaine MurrayElaine Murray answered on 29 Sep 2010:

    Ha! that does not sound like my friend Ted he usually has plenty to say


  • Photo: Alastair WittsAlastair Witts answered on 29 Sep 2010:

    Oh, Big Tattie, that’s a bit unkind! (and unwise) Elaine will be cross with you. Both she and Ted are in the Labour Party!


  • Photo: Sandra McDowallSandra McDowall answered on 29 Sep 2010:

    I’m far too nice a person to comment!!