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Dumfries and Galloway Council

Question: well you tell me ALI, your the councillor here..... Im a diehard elaine murray fan so youll have your work cut out if you want my vote,, GAN ON SON

Asked by bigtattiemunchermunchycrunch to Jane, Alastair on 28 Sep 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Alastair WittsAlastair Witts answered on 28 Sep 2010:

    Thanks, Tattie. I know I won’t need to waste time on you if you’re going to vote for Elaine. Meantime, just remember this: YOU CAN TAKE AWAY MY VOTE, BUT YOU’LL NEVER TAKE MY FREEDOM!!!! (Braveheart)

    PS Think about this. This is a competition for councillors, so what’s Elaine doing in it? What a pity if you vote for her, she wins, and then the judges vote her out because she shouldn’t be here! Ha! Ha! Then your vote will have been wasted. But then, when was a Labour vote in Scotland (or a Tory, or Liberal) not a wasted vote. The answer is – NEVER!



  • Photo: ElaineElaine commented on 28 Sep 2010:

    Actually, Alistair, Community Learning and Development asked me to join as they thought it would be interesting for people to be able to ask questions of a member of one of the parliaments as well as councillors. Too bad if you don’t like the competition – but as I was asked to join and didn’t volunteer myself its very unlikely that the judges will then decide I couldn’t win.


  • Photo: bigtattiemunchermunchycrunchbigtattiemunchermunchycrunch commented on 28 Sep 2010:

    Ohhhhhh its getting juicy now… Everyone is intitled to be in the running for this alastair ( if that is your real name) ESPECIALLY ELAINE MURRAY. And yes …… Freedom


  • Photo: AlastairAlastair commented on 28 Sep 2010:

    Dear Sir Spud, Alastair is my real name, how could you doubt me, sir- should I fax you a copy of my birth certificate? And Elaine, you mistake my meaning ma’am, I do not find your presence in the competition unwelcome, but I have heard uncharitable comments from other councillors that you do not fit the criteria as you are not a councillor, though you may indeed be one again in the future. So in the meantime, in the famous words of our mutual friend Wendy Alexander, ‘Bring it on!’


  • Photo: bigtattiemunchermunchycrunchbigtattiemunchermunchycrunch commented on 29 Sep 2010:

    Yes sent it all!!!!! dont you ever speak nasty stuff about my elaine again or all have you sir!!!!!!!!


  • Photo: ElaineElaine commented on 29 Sep 2010:

    Alistair – Your uncharitable fellow councillors are clearly misinformed, as I said I was invited by the organisers to join the panel, but I am pleased that you are not one of their number.