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Question: What is your opinion on the referendom on scottish independence being dropped?

Asked by crouch to Alastair on 27 Sep 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Alastair WittsAlastair Witts answered on 27 Sep 2010:

    I think the First Minister, Alex Salmond, took the right decision because he knew that none of the other three big parties in the Scottish Parliament were going to back him, and it would have been a waste of public money to bring a proposal to parliament, and all the work and expense it would take with civil servants’ time, etc, and to know that at the end of it all that would happen would be that it would be voted down. That’s not to say that the First Minister and the SNP haven’t changed their minds about Scottish Independence- that’s the main reason for the existence of the SNP, after all. The plan is to get support from the people of Scotland for a referendum and to appeal ‘over the heads’ of parliament directly to the people, and let the people decide in a vote. I’m particularly disappointed in the attitude of the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party. 130 years ago the Liberal Prime Minister, William Gladstone, made Home Rule (independence in everything but foreign policy) for Ireland, Scotland and Wales part of the Liberal party’s plan, and it still is! (Well, not Ireland, most of it is now independent). 110 years ago Home Rule for Scotland became part of the Labour Party’s plan. So why didn’t these two parties support a referendum. Don’t ask me. Ask them!



  • Photo: ElaineElaine commented on 27 Sep 2010:

    Its another broken promise from the SNP government. Labour aren’t against a referendum in principle, but we think that there are more important things for the government to spend time and money on at the moment


  • Photo: AlastairAlastair commented on 27 Sep 2010:

    Typical Labour reaction from Elaine. Labour broke plenty of promises when in charge of the Scottish government from 1999 to 2007, and they didn’t have to take charge during the worst recession for decades, which is what the SNP has had to do.


  • Photo: JaneJane commented on 28 Sep 2010:



  • Photo: billybilly commented on 28 Sep 2010:

    I thought that less than 30% of the Scottish population supported independence. Has wee Eck finally admitted defeat?